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We all enjoy food differently – but making healthy choices when food shopping can be tricky. There are so many hurdles to navigate if you have special dietary needs or wish to eat more healthy, organic whole food produce. The messaging available is often overwhelming, as are the hours required reading nutrient values while shopping! With Tinga, it couldn’t be simpler to take a holistic view of your grocery basket and shop smart when it comes to your family’s dietary lifestyles.   You can think of Tinga as your nutritional shopping assistant – here to help you positively change your long-term eating behaviours, master your nutrient values and shop for food with total confidence!

Tinga’s Purpose

Our passionate team of experts created Tinga simply to help you make healthier food choices for yourself and your family.   We’re using our uniquely designed tech to celebrate the power of food and inspire personal well-being. Tinga’s interactive nutrient guide understands your unique conditions and helps you easily swap in healthier food options at your own pace.   Our users are our #1 priority – that’s right, you! In fact, our sole purpose is to empower your healthier food choices by reinforcing positive behaviours. We’ve built Tinga to meet you right where you’re at in life – rather than ask you to adapt to Tinga.   If you’d like to read our Founder’s story, you can do so right here.

Tinga’s 4 Truths

  • Personal empowerment
    We use nothing but nutritional facts to help guide your food choices on a level playing field. Tinga will always maintain the highest levels of service in supporting your healthy eating journey.
  • Progress over perfection
    We value tangible progress over unrealistic goals, providing guidance, self-improvement and awareness that come naturally and guilt-free.
  • Simplicity wins
    Tracking everything you eat is great but sure can be overwhelming! We provide practical help in managing what food enters your home, making smarter purchases and planning meals.
  • Evolution is key
    We’re tapped into the latest news, trends and dietary research in the world of healthy eating – and channel everything we learn into Tinga’s technology and user experience.

Tinga tools

We’re proud of the innovative features we’ve created specifically for Tinga –
and bet you’re going to love them, too.


Allergen Avoiders & Social Tags

Allergies filter

Tinga remembers your personal allergens and saves you scrolling unsafe foods with easily-set parameters across available retailers. Tinga also supports social tags like Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free, Vegan or Low FODMap, empowering your personal health and planet-friendly shopping choices.

Macronutrient Filters

Search Filters - Products

Many modern foods feature an abundance of less healthy fats (e.g. saturated fats), sodium and sugar – even those marketed as healthy options! Tinga’s easy-sliding scale filters block unsuitable products so you can focus on what’s best for your nutritional balance (e.g. set sodium limit to 7% per serving).

Import Recipe Ingredients

Import Recipe Ingredients

Dreaming up exciting meals each day can be tricky – so why not import your favourite recipe’s ingredients, save them for future use, and effortlessly shop for the best quality options? Preserve your personal health and save money by whipping up your most-loved meals without having to resort to takeout. And when possible, remember to shop locally for whole fresh foods and support your communities!

Grocery List Scoring

Your score:

ON the plate 73.3%

OFF the plate 26.7%

Tinga Logo

Community score:

ON the plate 45.1%

OFF the plate 54.9%

Tinga rates fresh whole food choices as ‘On The Plate’ and processed foods as ‘Off The Plate’ then uses these to generate a total basket score (found in your grocery list plus your user profile). The goal is simple: achieve a Plate Weighting score that’s more green than red!

Thumb Rating System


Fresh whole foods high in nutrients


Minimally processed items and/or moderate nutrient levels


Highly processed items

Tinga converts nutritional data into our Thumb Rating System, a handy scoring visual for quickly identifying the nutritional value of your food choices and considering healthier available options. It’s a fantastic feature for swapping out less nutritious items with fresh whole foods that taste as great.

Plate Weighting



Vegtables & Fruit 59.4%

Protein 9.9%

Whole grains 4.0%

Other 26.7%

Tinga Logo

Community score:

Vegtables & Fruit 28.4%

Protein 9.9%

Whole grains 6.8%

Other 54.9%

Tinga also delivers plate weighting based on Produce, Wholegrain, Protein or Other. User targets are 50% Produce, 25% Wholegrain, 25% Protein and 0% other. Visualising your shopping list identifies areas of opportunity, improves purchase choices and results in a healthier, happier you!

App Screenshots

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Choose your plan, Choose your experience

Just being nosey


  • Did you know
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Limited stores access
  • Unlimited allergens and product claims
  • Visibility to all products and ratings
  • Limited Tinga swaps/ month
  • Limited Tinga basket ratings
  • Unlimited finalized Grocery List
  • Limited list history copy function

Getting Grounded

$ 8.99 /month

  • Just being nosey Plan+
  • Unlimited store access
  • Unlimited Tinga swaps
  • Unlimited Tinga basket health ratings
  • Limited list history copy function

Going All In

$ 89.00 /Annually

  • Getting Grounded Plan+
  • Unlimited list history copy function
  • Unlimited recipe ingredient imports
  • Weekly item pricing
  • 17% Savings!! *limited time only

Our Team

Founders Story:

Rob, our founder, grew up alpine ski racing and had the awesome opportunity to travel the world following this passion. And wherever his skis took him, you can bet that he was sampling the wares of the local bakeries. Yet Rob was unaware that this second, rather carb-heavy passion of his would come back to bite him.

In his mid-20s, Rob began an 8-year health struggle, experiencing worsening discomfort and pain each day until being diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten. Having never known this was a thing, Rob was crushed to discover 90% of everything he ate – including his beloved pastries – was affected.

Rob’s path to gluten-free culinary paradise was far from smooth, and his grocery bills increased significantly – but he eventually found his new way. Then, after Rob and his wife Kylie, had their daughter (our app shares her nickname!), they experienced a new wave of diet eliminations as Kylie was affected by a rare vasculitis disease called Bachets, brought on after childbirth.

What followed was years of food elimination as Rob and his family tried to stick to certain diets confirmed by the careful reading of product packaging when food shopping. And after searching for an easier approach, Rob decided to create his own.

In Tinga, Rob and his team created an easier way to support shopping for individuals and families with special dietary needs. And his family will be the first to say it really works!

“Our bodies go through changes every number of years, changes that require supporting shifts and realignments in our diet and lifestyle. Tinga is a recognition of those pivotal moments in life when our bodies undergo a significant change that affects how we eat.”
- Rob

The Tale of Tinga

“We used to call our daughter ‘Tinga’ after ‘Tinga Tales’, a cartoon that she loved. She represents to us that pivotal moment in which you must change something about your way of being for the sake of your health. Whether it’s having a child, a health-scare or reaching a milestone age, Tinga is a solution to making that transition easier for all.”
- Rob & Kylie